19-Year-Old Man Issued A Citation For Marijuana Sees Dismissal


19-Year-Old Man Issued A Citation For Marijuana Sees Dismissal

Apr 16 2016, by Jessica McElfresh in Case Results, Drug Crimes, Marijuana Charges, Medical Marijuana

A 19-year-old man was walking along the waterfront area of San Diego with some friends when one his companions began blatantly smoking marijuana out in the open. Officers approached the group and detained the two men. When questioned, the 19-year-old indicated that although he was not the one using marijuana, he did have a small amount of medical marijuana in his possession. He presented the cannabis along with his medical recommendation, but in sophomoric fashion, the recommendation was illegible because it had been accidentally put through the washing machine. Since the information on the form could not be verified, the officers issued a misdemeanor citation for marijuana possession. The young man knew that if he did not handle this charge effectively, he ran the risk of a superfluous drug conviction tarnishing his record and limiting future employment and educational opportunities. For these reasons, he contacted skilled San Diego medical marijuana attorney Jessica McElfresh.

McElfresh commended the young man for attempting to comply with the officer and carrying his recommendation according to proper medical marijuana procedure. She appeared with him in court and during the proceeding, McElfresh presented a legible copy of his medical marijuana recommendation. Once the information was confirmed, the citation for marijuana was dismissed, unburdening her client from further concern.

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