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Any Trace Of Marijuana Can Cost Your Job – Even Where It’s Legal

Nov 01 2021, by Jessica McElfresh in Media Coverage, Medical Marijuana

The News Station: October 05, 2021 – She recently spent seven weeks going through an interview process for a new job, after months of pandemic-related unemployment. At first, it seemed like it was worth it and by the end of the interview process, the company made her an offer.

But when it was time to sign the offer letter, she noted there was a contingency: she had to pass a background check and a drug screening. The first part would be no problem, as for the second, she disclosed she had been a medical marijuana cardholder since December 2020.

Attorney McElfresh, a California-based cannabis regulatory lawyer said most people in her position currently have no legal recourse because there are no blanket employment protections for marijuana use, medical or otherwise. Read the entire article here.