Attorney McElfresh on Supreme Court Ruling on San Diego Marijuana Law


Attorney McElfresh on Supreme Court Ruling on San Diego Marijuana Law

Sep 16 2019, by Jessica McElfresh in Marijuana Business, Marijuana Business, Media Coverage

The San Diego Union-Tribune: August 19, 2019 – The California state Supreme Court ruled Monday, that San Diego failed to sufficiently study the potential effects of its 2014 marijuana law.

In a unanimous decision, the court ruled that local governments must consider any reasonably foreseeable changes in zoning or the environment when new laws are made. This is in reference to San Diego’s marijuana dispensary laws, passed in 2014. Specifically, the court held that at the time, San Diego did not require any environmental analysis, particularly regarding new building construction and traffic patterns.

The push for more environmental consideration stems from new initiatives for housing reforms that were being implemented without conducting environmental reviews. According to attorney McElfresh, There could be an impact on the licensing of future dispensaries, She said, “More extensive analysis could delay the implementation of cannabis licensing.” – Read the full article.

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