Cannabis Industry 101: Best Marijuana Jobs in California

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Cannabis Industry 101: Best Marijuana Jobs in California

Feb 07 2020, by Jessica McElfresh in Legal Blog, Marijuana Business

The cannabis industry is one of the fastest-growing job fields in the country. It is projected to create over 1 million jobs by 2025. Aside from the typical positions in marijuana retail, there are various jobs in the cannabis industry that cover numerous interests and skills.

However, there are still rules and regulations to follow if you’re interested in starting a California marijuana business or working in the cannabis industry. Let an experienced marijuana lawyer at McElfresh Law guide you through the necessary paperwork and permit applications to start working in a cannabis business or facility.

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Cannabis-Related Jobs

There is no shortage of open positions. Whether you’re a customer service professional, good with numbers, passionate about education, or a whiz at marketing, you may find meaningful employment in the cannabis industry.

Some of the available marijuana jobs include:

Retail Cannabis Positions

Medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries need retail professionals to work with customers.

If you’re interested in a marijuana retail job, you will have to undergo a rigorous training program and become well-versed in the types and uses of cannabis. Remember, the more you know about cannabis, the more valuable you will be to a dispensary.

Cannabis Manufacturing Jobs

Since there is such a variety of cannabis products, manufacturing professionals are in high demand.

If you land a cannabis manufacturing job, you might be pulling out resinous extracts or package them for sale. Vape pens, capsules, and beverages are just a few examples the cannabis products that require manufacturing.

Marijuana Lab Jobs

If you are skilled in science and chemistry, you may be a good candidate for a laboratory job in the cannabis industry.

This involves lab testing for quality and to ensure the products are consistent and contain accurate labels. Since all cannabis products must undergo third-party testing, you may also become involved in that process.

Cannabis Growers

Contrary to popular belief, cannabis is not easy to grow. To grow marijuana, you must be patient and determined.

If you assist with the growing process, you may clone and start seeds, keep track of nutrients and water usage, trim, or manufacture pre-rolls. Whether you’re a master grower, a trimmer, or a packager, you’ll have a very important role.

Cannbis Teaching & Training Opportunities

Job training in the cannabis industry is essential. If you are a teacher or like the idea of educating others about cannabis, you can attend a special school and specialize in various aspects of the business. For example, you can specialize in retail, growing, and budtending.

Medical Marijuana Jobs

Even if you aren’t a medical professional, you may serve as a caregiver who can acquire and administer medical marijuana. This requires a training program to expand your knowledge of medical marijuana and how it helps people.

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