Community Service And Dismissal For Young Woman’s Fake ID Charge


Community Service And Dismissal For Young Woman’s Fake ID Charge

Aug 15 2016, by Jessica McElfresh in Case Results, Criminal Defense, Misdemeanor

For many young people, using a fake ID may seem like a mild transgression or maybe a right of passage; however, possession of false identification is a crime and it can lead to significant legal trouble. Recently, a young woman was at the airport, but in her rush to make a flight, she had forgotten her driver license. During a discussion with a TSA official, the agent noticed another license in her wallet and asked if that was her missing license. She responded that it was actually an ID that she used to purchase alcohol. This exchange was apparently overheard by another official, who issued her a citation for possession of false identification, punishable by a maximum of 6 months in custody and a lengthy term of probation. As a young student with no previous criminal history, she did not want to see this lapse in judgment negatively impacting her life or her record. With this in mind, she reached out to Jessica McElfresh, a San Diego lawyer with extensive experience dealing with similar crimes.

Attorney McElfresh consulted with her client and thoroughly explained the criminal process to the young lady. By utilizing her considerable understanding of theses charges and criminal procedure, attorney McElfresh began to discuss alternate penalties with the prosecution. This led to a resolution that required her client to complete 16 hours of community service in exchange for a dismissal of the fake ID charge. The young woman was very pleased to move past this incident with little inconvenience and no lasting criminal consequences.

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