Probation Dismissed for a San Diego Man


Probation Dismissed for a San Diego Man

Mar 11 2016, by Jessica McElfresh in Case Results, Criminal Convictions, Marijuana Charges

In San Diego, criminal defense attorney Jessica McElfresh sometimes represents clients more than once at different stages of their lives. Recently, a former client contacted Jessica McElfresh about ending his current probation. The man, now in his fifties, previously accepted a plea agreement for marijuana cultivation and possession. The man was still on informal probation for his possession charge but he wanted to move to Indiana to be closer to his young daughter. Ultimately, he was finding it difficult to leave the area or find employment with it still in effect; therefore, he inquired about the possibility of getting his probation dismissed.

We reviewed the particulars of his case and based on the fact that he had no issues while on probation, the court determined that he was a good candidate to have the remaining term of probation dismissed. The client was very pleased to resolve this matter so quickly, allowing him to move and raise his daughter without concern.

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