Felony Child Abuse and Felony Corporal Injury to a Child Reduced to Misdemeanor Battery

May 27 2015, by Jessica McElfresh in Case Results, Criminal Convictions, Felony

McElfresh Law was recently contacted by a woman in her 40s with two teenage children who was arrested and charged with Felony Child Abuse and Felony Corporal Injury to a Child. Our client had been in an argument with her 15-year-old son and decided to take his cell phone away as punishment. Becoming upset with our client the 15-year-old son followed our client into her bathroom and blocked her from leaving. Our client allegedly grabbed a curling iron and swung it at her 15-year-old son to make him move to let her out of the bathroom and in doing so left a mark on his arm. Neighbors heard the argument from next door and called the police.

When the police came to our clients home they noticed the mark on the 15-year-old son and arrested our client and charged her with Felony Child Abuse and Felony Corporal Injury to a Child. Jessica McElfresh discovered the 15-year-old son had violent behavior problems at school and subpoenaed the teachers to testify about the history of his abuse. Our attorney defended the client showing the physical size of the 15-year-old son as a considerable factor in the case. Due to these important pieces in the case against her client, San Diego criminal defense attorney Jessica McElfresh represented her client and successfully negotiated the reduced charge of Misdemeanor Battery with informal probation with One-year of parenting classes.

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