Legal Medical Marijuana Businesses Raided


Legal Medical Marijuana Businesses Raided

Jul 29 2016, by Jessica McElfresh in Media Coverage, Medical Marijuana

Attorney Jessica McElfresh was interviewed by Inc. about licensed, legal medical marijuana businesses raided recently by law enforcement in California.

McElfresh represents the owner of Med-West Distributors, a medical cannabis extraction company that provides hundreds of dispensaries in the state with cannabis oil and other products. The company has been operating since 2010 and is licensed by the city of San Diego. McElfresh also provides San Diego medical marijuana representation to a number of dispensaries in the city and surrounding area.

The company was raided in January and again in June, prompting the owner to close the business after the San Diego joint narcotics task force arrested two employees and seized an estimated $1.4 million in inventory and money from both the company’s safe and bank accounts.

Law enforcement froze the company’s and owner’s personal assets — including his children’s college savings accounts — using federal asset forfeiture laws, without charging the company’s owner with any crime. These agencies use federal laws to seize assets because marijuana remains an illegal substance under federal law, which means businesses like Med-West that operate legally in California have no recourse.

Other Medical Marijuana Businesses Raided

Med-West isn’t the only legally operating company to face action from law enforcement agencies. McElfresh has seen a trend in state law enforcement targeting other medical marijuana businesses this year, with a particular focus on THC concentrate companies.

“Over the past year, we have seen more investigations, more raids and systematic asset seizures of medical marijuana companies using CO2 to make concentrates than ever before,” McElfresh told Inc. “According to California state law, medical marijuana is legal. The laws are complicated and ambiguous, but the state has decided this is something they want to allow and regulate.”

The full article is available on Inc.’s website.

Experienced San Diego Medical Marijuana Representation

Jessica McElfresh offers representation to medical marijuana businesses in San Diego and throughout California. She assists with licensing and zoning applications, as well as other aspects of establishing medical marijuana businesses and ensuring their compliance with state laws.

She also practices criminal defense law and can represent medical marijuana business owners, patients, and caregivers who have been charged with crimes related to marijuana.

For experienced San Diego medical marijuana representation, contact McElfresh Law today at (858) 756-7107 to schedule a consultation.

California marijuana laws change frequently. For updated information, see the following pages: Medicinal Uses of Marijuana and Recreational Marijuana Business