McElfresh Interview: Relief for Prior Marijuana Convictions Under Prop 64


McElfresh Interview: Relief for Prior Marijuana Convictions Under Prop 64

Mar 13 2018, by Jessica McElfresh in Criminal Convictions, Marijuana Charges, Media Coverage

As a continued source of information regarding marijuana law and policy in California, San Diego attorney Jessica McElfresh was recently interviewed by KPBS News about an under-utilized option that gives people the opportunity to remove past marijuana convictions.

Clearing Your Record Under Prop 64

According to California Proposition 64 (The Adult Use of Marijuana Act), which was enacted a little over a year ago, the criminal prohibition of adult use marijuana has largely been removed in favor of regulation. In addition to several other provisions, the new law has made thousands of individuals eligible to have prior marijuana convictions dismissed or reduced.

“We changed the law for everybody because it wasn’t the right law for anybody,” says attorney McElfresh.

While the San Diego County District Attorney’s office has commuted, or eliminated approximately 600 convictions, many more are qualified and have yet to take advantage. Attorney McElfresh explained to KPBS that despite these convictions limiting job prospects and other opportunities, the process seems intimidating:

“They may believe it’s more complicated than it really is and let’s face it, the courthouse isn’t everyone’s favorite place. However, the law is fairly broad in its definition and can provide a lot of relief,” according to McElfresh.

While every case is different and no guarantees can be made, the process typically requires the completion of some paperwork and can be finalized in about two weeks.

Contact Attorney McElfresh to Discuss Your Options Under Prop 64

If you have a past marijuana conviction and are interested in having it removed from your record, call San Diego marijuana attorney Jessica McElfresh at (858) 756-7107 or online to discuss your eligibility.

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