McElfresh to Speak at San Diego Growers Expo


McElfresh to Speak at San Diego Growers Expo

Oct 24 2016, by Jessica McElfresh in Medical Marijuana

Attorney Jessica McElfresh will be one of the speakers at the San Diego Growers Expo at 2 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 29.

McElfresh will talk about California’s progress toward implementing the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act at the state level. The MCRSA was adopted in late 2015 by the California State Assembly with the intent of providing a statewide regulatory framework for medical marijuana.

A large portion of McElfresh’s law practice involves advising and representing owners of medical marijuana businesses throughout California and helping them to obtain the necessary permits and licensing to operate, as well as helping them to understand and comply with the new system of regulations.

About the San Diego Growers Expo

The expo, put on by the Association of Cannabis Professionals, is aimed at business owners who want to become licensed cannabis growers in California and need to understand how to establish these businesses under the MCRSA and its two-tiered state and local licensing system. Speakers include attorneys handling medical marijuana matters, industry professionals, and advocates.

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If you’re a business owner who operates or wants to establish a medical marijuana business, McElfresh Law offers experienced and knowledgeable guidance through California’s complex regulatory and licensing process. San Diego medical marijuana lawyer Jessica McElfresh has helped numerous businesses to get the licensing and permits they need, including local zoning permits, in order to dispense medical marijuana to qualified patients.

Contact McElfresh Law today to schedule a consultation about your medical marijuana business needs.

California marijuana laws change frequently. For updated information, see the following pages: Medicinal Uses of Marijuana and Recreational Marijuana Business