Cities in San Diego County Pass Medical Marijuana Bans


Cities in San Diego County Pass Medical Marijuana Bans

Feb 29 2016, by Jessica McElfresh in Media Coverage

Numerous communities in San Diego County have reaffirmed medical marijuana bans on dispensaries and added bans on cultivation and delivery of medical marijuana.

New laws passed in California that went into effect this year created a regulatory framework for medical marijuana businesses, including those dispensing, growing, and transporting the drug. However, the new laws also allowed local jurisdictions to ban all activity related to medical marijuana, even though it was legitimized by state law.

In San Diego County, only the county itself and the city of San Diego allow medical marijuana dispensaries. Nearly all other communities within the county have passed medical marijuana bans.

Jessica McElfresh told the San Diego Union-Tribune: “They’ve pretty much all passed bans — and bans on everything. … The response has been disappointing to qualified patients, to people in California’s cannabis industry and — I imagine — the state Legislature. They put a lot of work into a massive piece of legislation and I don’t believe they expected so few jurisdictions to react well.”

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