Probation Terminated Early for Man Charged With Petty Theft

Feb 05 2018, by Jessica McElfresh in Case Results, Theft

Awhile back, a man was caught shoplifting and reached out for help at McElfresh Law. With the help of Jessica McElfresh, he pled guilty to petty theft and only had to deal with informal probation. More recently, he wanted a new job. So, along with attorney McElfresh, they filed a motion at the 18-month mark to terminate his probation early. The district attorney initially opposed the request, even though he had met all the previous conditions and wanted to improve his employment opportunities. Through her negotiations, attorney McElfresh convinced the judge to grant the motion and terminate her client’s probation. Without the hindrance of probation, this will also leave the door open to have the original theft conviction dismissed.

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