Safety and Medical Marijuana Concentrates

Jun 05 2014, by Jessica McElfresh in Medical Marijuana

In the past few years, medical marijuana concentrates have skyrocketed in popularity and appeal. What has also skyrocketed is hysteria, mythology, and misunderstanding about medical marijuana concentrates and how they can be made or manufactured legally under California’s medical marijuana laws.

It is easy to get confused with the many new products available and the near-constant news coverage. This coverage discusses not only the medical efficacy of marijuana concentrates, most famously discussed by Dr. Sanjay Gupta in his CNN specials, Weed and Weed 2, but also the popularity of dabbing and tragic stories of hash oil explosions.

The short answer is that many types of medical marijuana concentrates are legal under California’s medical marijuana laws. Indeed, the California Attorney General’s Office published an advisory opinion in 2003 saying just that. But, in 2008, a California Court of Appeal ruled in People v. Bergen that a qualified patient who had made concentrated marijuana with medical marijuana using butane fell outside the protections of the Compassionate Use Act and the Medical Marijuana Program Act. And what about CO2 concentrates? Glycerin-based extractions? Good old-fashioned cannabutter? And what about local regulations? Is the City of San Diego going to ban all concentrates, or just some?

To understand what is safe under California law and the best legal way to get the medical advantages of concentrated cannabis, you need to speak with a San Diego marijuana lawyer experienced in California’s medical marijuana laws. At McElfresh Law, Inc., we have helped qualified patients and collective and cooperative operators to understand concentrates and all other parts of California’s medical marijuana laws for years. We have also represented qualified patients in court charged with possession of marijuanacultivation of medical marijuana and marijuana for personal or other use, and a variety of complex San Diego drug charges. Whether your goal is to stay out of court, or if you need help in court, please contact San Diego marijuana lawyer Jessica McElfresh today for a free consult by calling (858) 756-7107

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