San Diego Attorney Jessica McElfresh Gives Cannabis Radio Interview


San Diego Attorney Jessica McElfresh Gives Cannabis Radio Interview

Jun 28 2016, by Jessica McElfresh in Marijuana Charges, Media Coverage, Medical Marijuana

San Diego attorney Jessica McElfresh was interviewed by Cannabis Radio about a proposal to tax marijuana businesses in San Diego. The proposal is specifically designed to tax businesses that may sell recreational marijuana in the future.

California voters likely will have the opportunity to consider a ballot measure in November that would legalize recreational marijuana in the state. California currently permits use of medical cannabis, but recreational marijuana remains illegal. Personal possession is a civil infraction punishable with a fine, while more serious offenses are crimes that can carry jail or prison sentences.

That all may change if California joins the ranks of other states such as Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska that have legalized recreational cannabis use. The prospect of legalized recreational marijuana is prompting some jurisdictions to consider what legalization will look like and how to handle implementing regulations.

San Diego Considering Marijuana Sales Tax

One such consideration is a proposal in San Diego to impose a tax of at least 8 percent on marijuana businesses’ gross receipts. Councilman Mark Kersey said at a recent meeting that the money would help pay for code enforcement efforts and other costs to the city caused by marijuana legalization.

If the council approves the tax proposal, local voters would have a chance to approve it in November.

In the interview with Cannabis Radio, McElfresh speaks about the proposal and how it may affect local dispensaries, as well as recent reforms to California’s medical marijuana laws, and how compliance with laws can aid a medical marijuana business.

The full interview is available online.

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California marijuana laws change frequently. For updated information, see the following pages: Medicinal Uses of Marijuana and Recreational Marijuana Business