San Diego County Sees Extension Of Moratorium On Dispensaries


San Diego County Sees Extension Of Moratorium On Dispensaries

May 16 2016, by Jessica McElfresh in Media Coverage, Medical Marijuana

Cannabis attorney Jessica McElfresh continues to be an advocate for business owners and patients seeking a San Diego medical marijuana business permit, as well as those operating throughout California.

McElfresh recently spoke at a meeting of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors to oppose a moratorium on new dispensaries in unincorporated parts of the county. Dispensaries can be an important access point for qualified medical marijuana patients who use cannabis to treat symptoms of debilitating and terminal illnesses, as has been allowed under California law for 20 years.

Recent reforms to the state’s medical marijuana laws created a new regulatory framework of medical marijuana businesses and licensing across the state; however, it also allowed local jurisdictions to impose moratoriums or bans on medical marijuana businesses, as well as to create their own local licensing and permitting regulations.

The San Diego County Board of Supervisors in late April voted unanimously to extend a moratorium on dispensaries until March 2017. County officials said the purpose was to take time to modify regulations, such as those for enforcement and zoning, and not to ban medical marijuana dispensaries altogether. County officials also were preparing for a possible marijuana legalization ballot measure in the coming general election this fall.

“I don’t think penalizing business people that follow the rules is the right thing to do,” Supervisor Dave Roberts said. “We need to fix this problem. We need to get ready for this November and what’s coming at us for the long term.”

McElfresh spoke at the meeting on behalf of property owners in Valley Center who had been approved to open a medical marijuana business and were in the process of obtaining the required permits before the Board of Supervisors adopted a moratorium in March.

McElfresh argued that people who had started the process should be allowed to move forward.

“I do encourage you to consider changes,” McElfresh said during her remarks in front of the packed chamber at the County Administration Center downtown. “I ask you to allow those in the pipeline, especially those at the finish line and relied on good faith, to move forward and provide for safe access.”

The meeting was covered by local media including the Times of San Diego, Ramona Sentinal, Patch.com and CBS 8 San Diego.

Trying to Get a San Diego Medical Marijuana Business Permit?

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