Woman Charged With Failure to Yield Gets Misdemeanor Dropped

Feb 02 2018, by Jessica McElfresh in Case Results, Traffic Violations

In California, traffic violations can lead to serious consequences. Recently, a young woman was driving in the carpool lane when a police officer attempted to pull her over. When she saw she was being pulled over, she continued driving in order to find an area to stop that wouldn’t be in the way of traffic. This led to being charged with a misdemeanor for failing to yield, which is a much more serious offense than a simple traffic citation. With the help of McElfresh Law, the misdemeanor was ultimately dropped and the entire situation was reduced to a traffic infraction requiring her to pay a small fine.

The outcome of an individual case depends on a variety of factors unique to that case. Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any similar or future case.