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More than 7.6 million votes (56.96%) were cast in favor of the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA), which legalized recreational cannabis in California.

Now that recreational marijuana is lawful, California has been issuing licenses for all types of cannabis businesses. As a result, licenses are now available to retailers, cultivators, testing facilities, and other points in the marijuana supply chain. And while marijuana business licenses ensure all the relevant regulations, processes, and security measures are in place, they can be difficult to obtain and various other legal challenges are bound to arise. To succeed and grow in this exciting, new market, it takes personal attention from an extremely knowledgeable lawyer with considerable experience in the California cannabis industry.

At McElfresh Law, we have helped numerous legitimate marijuana businesses flourish in San Diego and across the state. If you want to establish a lawful cannabis operation in California or expand an existing business, call San Diego marijuana attorney Jessica McElfresh at (858) 756-7107. We will explain your options and what it takes to move your business forward.

Free consultation for criminal defense cases only. Cannabis business consultation requires a fee.

Why Use a San Diego Cannabis Business Attorney?

Dispensaries and other San Diego marijuana ventures are popping up from Pacific Beach to Rancho Bernardo, Miramar, La Mesa, and everywhere in between. But there are still various restrictions at the state and local levels on how marijuana can be grown, transported, sold, and where it can be consumed.

This is a lot for any new or even established cannabis business to deal with. Cannabis entrepreneurs in California need to tread lightly before setting up shop. As an aspiring recreational marijuana business owner, you should work with a California cannabis business lawyer early, ensuring you take every necessary step and precaution before opening the doors of your enterprise.

At McElfresh Law, we have been advocating for medical and recreational cannabis business owners for years. Our record of success has let all types of marijuana operation open their doors, sell their products and services, ensure compliance, limit liability, and adhere to California’ s strick zoning and environmental requirements. Let us work together to find solutions and plan for long-term profitability.

Plan & Execute Your California Marijuana Business

McElfresh Law is committed to helping cannabis businesses in San Diego and throughout California achieve success and sustainability.

The landscape for legal cannabis in California is always changing. Issues with taxation and financing continue to evolve, but with years of experience representing medical marijuana patients and collectives, attorney Jessica McElfresh knows how to ensure full compliance and what it takes to protect your investment.

With our extensive background in the legal cannabis industry, attorney McElfresh is in a key position to help get your cannabis business off the ground and running smoothly.

Whether you want to start a new cannabis business, need assistance with contracts, financing, compliance issues, local zoning, or land use – McElfresh Law can effectively guide you through the often-nebulous marijuana business laws and requirements.

Let McElfresh Law give your cannabis business all the necessary tools for success and growth:

Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA)

Learn about the 2016 initiative to legalize marijuana in California by establishing a legal, taxed, and regulated system aimed at eliminating the black-market demand.

Marijuana Business Compliance

As a marijuana business owner, you must keep up with several agencies and the standards they set. An experienced attorney can help with this so you can focus on your business.

Marijuana Business Appeals

Non-compliance in the cannabis industry is taken very seriously. Penalties include possible license revocation, fines, and other consequences. With proper legal guidance, you can pursue an appeal and work toward a favorable result.

Marijuana Business Plans

Building any business is not easy; however, a fully formed and proactive business plan gives you a better chance of realizing your dream.

Finding a Location for a Marijuana Business

One of the biggest hurdles that applicants face is where to locate their cannabis business. A knowledgeable marijuana business lawyer can help by understanding any zoning issues and helping to fully vet a potential space.

Cannabis Banking Regulations

Another important factor to consider is how to sufficiently fund and manage your cannabis operation. Federal banking laws are complex and sometimes the options are limited. With a skilled business lawyer, you can ensure your affairs are conducted correctly and for your benefit.

Cannabis Business Licensing

Gain the knowledge and tools necessary to establish and operate a fully compliant marijuana business in the state of California.

  • Marijuana Distribution License:
    Learn what criteria will be considered and what it takes to become a licensed marijuana distributor.
  • Large Marijuana Cultivator License:
    Before submitting your application, it is important to appreciate the guidelines and restrictions put upon harvesting marijuana in California for recreational use.
  • Marijuana Micro-Business License:
    AUMA has established a specific license for individuals interested in opening small marijuana retail spaces. Learn the details of this category and how it fits your business needs.
  • Marijuana Products Manufacturing License:
    To ensure a safe and quality product reaches the market, California will require strict control and labeling standards for any marijuana-related items.
  • Recreational Marijuana Tester License:
    Coupled with the rigid manufacturing guidelines, testing facilities will need to accurately report on the potency and safety of California’s marijuana.
  • Cannabis Licensing Expert Witnesses:
    Testimony from experts in the industry and licensing law can add a compelling element to your case.

Marijuana Retail Sales

Before starting a marijuana business under AUMA, familiarize yourself with the various types of licenses, how to obtain one, and how consulting with an experienced California marijuana business lawyer can help.

Marijuana Business Consultation

Whether you are concerned with zoning, licensing, incorporation, or legal compliance, McElfresh Law can provide guidance in every aspect of your venture.

Steps to Set Up a Marijuana Business

Starting a new marijuana business in California will involve a lot of moving parts. From the application, local zoning, and long-term operation, MElfresh Law can offer a one-stop legal resource.

Incorporating a Marijuana Business

Afford your business every available protection and opportunity offered to other business entities, including bankruptcy protection, partnership deals, and expansion with assistance from a qualified legal professional.

Federal Marijuana Laws & Policies

California’s AUMA is not the last word when it comes to marijuana in the United States. Future state and federal laws will also come into play when it comes to interstate commerce, legal protections, employment, and other issues.

Cannabis Compliance, Regulation & Zoning

California’s marijuana industry is constantly evolving. For example, San Diego and the surrounding communities have very specific restrictions on zoning, land use, waste management, and where retail locations can operate. Violations could cost you time, money, or even endanger your cannabis license.

There are also new regulations and processes for how recreational marijuana is taxed and sales tracked. Working with a capable and skilled marijuana business lawyer can keep you apprised of any changes, ensuring that you take all of the right steps toward building a legal and successful recreational marijuana business.

A San Diego Cannabis Lawyer Can Get You Started

Building any business takes time and consideration. You need to develop a solid and profitable business plan and either invest your own funds and time or convince others to do the same.

When you add in the fact that your new venture will involve legal cannabis, you have even more to consider and additional legal steps to take. So, before your first sale, make sure your license and permits are in order and you are following all state and local guidelines.

Attorney Jessica McElfresh has a history of success within California’s cannabis industry. Not only does she work closely with medical marijuana businesses to ensure they are compliant with the law, but she is a skilled litigator capable of tenaciously representing her client’s interests in court.

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