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Off-the-Clock Marijuana Use Protection Laws

Jun 17 2023 in Recreational Marijuana

Marijuana use is widespread throughout California since it is recreationally legal; however, there have been significant challenges for people who test positive at work. Until recently, that positive test was often used to justify the termination of employees who were partaking in marijuana after work…

How to Invest in a Cannabis Business

Jan 05 2023 in Marijuana Business

With the legalization of cannabis spreading exponentially over the past decade, many anticipate growth to only increase. Some claim that now’s the time to get some skin in the game before the industry explodes to a projected $176 billion by 2030. However, given current federal…

Using Local Ballot Measures to Open a Cannabis Business

Dec 14 2022 in Marijuana Business

As public acceptance of cannabis becomes more widespread, more business opportunities are presenting themselves in California. However, you can’t just set up a shop and start dispensing cannabis immediately. There are laws you’ll need to follow, like opening a store in a properly zoned area…

The Elimination of CA Marijuana Cultivation Tax

Nov 09 2022 in Marijuana Business

June 30 marked a milestone for the marijuana business as Governor Gavin Newsom passed Assembly Bill 195, effectively killing the debilitating cultivation tax that has hindered the cannabis industry for years. While many have relished in the victory, lawmakers view this as a minor feat…