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The Elimination of CA Marijuana Cultivation Tax

Nov 09 2022 in Marijuana Business

June 30 marked a milestone for the marijuana business as Governor Gavin Newsom passed Assembly Bill 195, effectively killing the debilitating cultivation tax that has hindered the cannabis industry for years. While many have relished in the victory, lawmakers view this as a minor feat…

Is California’s Cannabis Industry in Trouble?

Oct 28 2022 in Marijuana Business

As the first state to allow medical cannabis and among the earliest to approve recreational marijuana use in the U.S., many advocates hoped California would set a precedent for legal cannabis in America. However, more than five years after the state legislature ratified recreational use…

The Status of Psychedelics Legalization

Sep 14 2022 in Drug Crimes

For over a year, San Francisco Senator Scott Wiener (D) has made attempts to pass a bill legalizing the possession of several psychedelics. Determined, Senator Wiener saw much progress with the new law as it made its way through the Senate and subsequent Assemblies. However,…

California THC Limits in Edibles

Jul 23 2021 in Recreational Marijuana

California ruled that cannabis edibles should not exceed ten milligrams of THC per serving, while packages of edibles must have no more than 100 milligrams of THC. These regulations have raised much confusion regarding the accepted variance in these THC levels. Conflicting Regulations Regarding THC…