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Dash Cam Videos Are Disclosable

Dec 09 2016 in Criminal Defense, Legal Blog

As more and more police departments equip their officers with body and dashboard cameras, the authorities are struggling to determine when and if their footage should be released to the public. Is the footage public record, or is it privileged material that should only be…

San Diego Targeting Drug Offenders in New Program

Dec 06 2016 in Drug Crimes, Legal Blog

In March of this year, the City Attorney’s office announced a new program that allows repeat nonviolent drug offenders to avoid jail time if they live in government housing and undergo drug treatment and counseling over a two-year period. The program, however, is off to…

Prop 64 and California Medical Marijuana Laws

Nov 10 2016 in Legal Blog, Medical Marijuana

The passing of Proposition 64 on Nov. 8 has naturally left medical marijuana patients and caregivers wondering how the legalization of recreational marijuana may affect them. If you have questions, a San Diego medical marijuana attorney can help you understand Prop 64 and make sure…

Can a Prosecutor Withhold Evidence?

Nov 09 2016 in Criminal Defense, Legal Blog

Many shows, such as “Making a Murderer” and “The Night Of”, have shown that prosecutors will withhold evidence in order to prove a defendant’s guilt. Is this something that prosecutors can legally do? According to a number of verdicts reached by the United States Supreme…

McElfresh to Speak at San Diego Growers Expo

Oct 24 2016 in Medical Marijuana

Attorney Jessica McElfresh will be one of the speakers at the San Diego Growers Expo at 2 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 29. McElfresh will talk about California’s progress toward implementing the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act at the state level. The MCRSA was adopted in…