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Areas Served

San Diego criminal defense attorney Jessica McElfresh is a zealous legal advocate for her clients and has successfully defended individuals faced with all sorts of criminal charges. She knows that being accused of a crime is a very troubling time and prides herself on exceeding her clients’ expectations by thoroughly explaining the details of a case as well as providing high-quality legal representation.

Free, initial consultations are available by calling (858) 756-7107. Attorney McElfresh provides aggressive and experienced criminal defense for residents throughout the San Diego area, including:

How A San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

When charged with a crime in San Diego or its surrounding areas, it is critical to speak with a skilled and knowledgeable attorney as soon as possible to fight for the justice you deserve. At McElfresh Law, we have used our unique perspective on criminal matters, gained from working on both sides of the process, both the prosecution and the defense to successfully represent our clients on a wide-range of criminal offenses. If you are being investigated or have already been arrested, attorney McElfresh can lead you through the entire legal process and can immediately start working on your defense.

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Jessica McElfresh is a knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate San Diego criminal defense attorney, who strives to protect her clients’ rights and freedoms. When she is your lawyer, you can rest assured, she has examined every piece of evidence and has constructed a comprehensive defense, aimed at ensuring that you see the best possible outcome by lessening the potential legal consequences you are facing and preserving your liberty.

Call Jessica today at (858) 756-7107 to learn more about how she can help.