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San Diego Cannabis Business Purchased for $15 Million

Apr 10 2021 in Case Results, Marijuana Business

After an interested MSO approached a local San Diego cannabis retailer about purchasing their location and license, attorney Mcelfresh handled the deal. Ultimately, the multi-state operator acquired the cannabis business for the negotiated price of approximately $15 million. The outcome of an individual case depends…

La Mesa Cannabis Business Opens Amid Pandemic

Mar 30 2021 in Case Results, Marijuana Business

Despite the numerous challenges presented by the COVID pandemic, attorney McElfresh helped a cannabis retail store in La Mesa with the complicated process of opening its doors. Jessica assisted the business with its original business plan, formation, and application. She helped them through the whole…

$36 Million MSO Buyout for San Diego Retailer

Feb 28 2021 in Case Results, Marijuana Business

From inception to permit application, and licensure, attorney McEfresh assisted a San Diego cannabis retailer with the various legal aspects of getting their operation off the ground. Over the years, the business grew, which attracted interest from a Canadian MSO. McElfresh negotiated the purchase agreement…

7 La Mesa Cannabis Retail Stores Open

Jan 15 2021 in Case Results, Marijuana Business

Over the past year, attorney Jessica McElfresh worked with seven separate cannabis operations. This involved initial business planning, application, and representation through the often grueling conditional land use and licensure process. In the end, she obtained state and local permits for all seven and provides…

Young Girl Charged with Shoplifting Case Dismissed

Jul 15 2019 in Case Results, Theft

A young girl was recently charged with shoplifting along with several of her friends. She was found with over $400 and faced six months in custody and a $1,000 fine. After enlisting McElfresh Law, San Diego shoplifting attorney Jessica McElfresh negotiated on the girl’s behalf,…

Shoplifting Case Dismissed after Volunteer Work

Jul 01 2019 in Case Results, Theft

Not long ago, a woman came to McElfresh law after being charged with attempting to shoplift a mouse from the Apple Store. Fortunately, San Diego shoplifting lawyer Jessica McElfresh negotiated for her client to complete 16 hours of volunteer work. Afterward, the case will be…