How Is Your Cannabis Business Dealing with Waste Management?

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How Is Your Cannabis Business Dealing with Waste Management?

Aug 27 2019, by Jessica McElfresh in Legal Blog, Marijuana Business, Medical Marijuana, Recreational Marijuana

Since Proposition 64 was passed in California, the cannabis industry has become a major source of revenue. However, remaining legally compliant and managing a cannabis business comes with unique challenges. If you own a cannabis business, managing waste within your business is an important priority to consider.

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Making Waste Management a Part of Your Business Plan

Organizations have come together to help business owners manage the waste management aspect of owning a cannabis business more effectively. The Solid Waste Authority of North America (SWANA) is an organization committed to helping business owners adopt “Zero Waste Principles and Practices.” The organization has 45 chapters across the United States and Canada and works to educate industry leaders on the importance of waste management.

The California Resource Recovery Association (CRRA) works with state and municipal organizations to use local resources to manage waste. Both the CRRA and SWANA focus on developing plans for cannabis waste management within local communities.

These two organizations are just two examples of some of the many resources that are helping business owners and operators manage waste within the cannabis industry. Consulting with experts who are leaders in multiple areas of operation can help you keep your business running smoothly.

Legal Considerations of Cannabis Waste Management

Cannabis business owners must navigate complex regulations that are subject to change when local zoning regulations and city ordinances change. Marijuana is also still subject to federal rules and regulations. Complying with all these regulations and understanding the proper ways to label, store, and transport marijuana product and waste is vital to sustaining your business. An attorney familiar with how this works in practice can help you develop a comprehensive waste management plan as part of your growing cannabis business.

If you are just considering starting a cannabis business, speaking to a cannabis lawyer about your business plan can help you understand the most up-to-date regulations, develop your business plan, and apply for all necessary licensing requirements based on your business goals. There are different types of licenses you must obtain depending on whether you are involved in growing, producing, transporting, or selling recreational marijuana or marijuana products.

The Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA) controls the transport, storage, sale, and use of recreational marijuana in the state of California. The AUMA provides for a tracking and tracing system that must be complied with when transporting cannabis products. A cannabis attorney can advise you about when labeling is required, what types of labels must be used for waste management, and can connect you with resources and other professionals who can assist you with your business goals.

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