Temporary Marijuana License Holders Given an Extension

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Temporary Marijuana License Holders Given an Extension

Jun 22 2018, by Jessica McElfresh in Legal Blog, Marijuana Business

California marijuana regulators are giving companies more leeway when it comes to having a temporary marijuana license through a grace period. They are providing a 90-day extension of marijuana business licenses as a way to allow businesses more time to comply with marijuana regulations.

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What is a Temporary Marijuana License?

These types of permits are issued to businesses for 120 days at a time by the Bureau of Cannabis Control. Those that possess a temporary marijuana license still must adhere to the same rules and regulations as those with annual permits.

To be eligible for a temporary marijuana license, the applicant must possess a valid license, permit, or other authorization provided by local jurisdictions. One of the business owners must submit the application.

Additionally, landowner approval is required before a license will be issued. If the applicant is also the property owner, they are required to submit a title copy or a copy of the deed. If the applicant is not the rightful owner of the property, they must have written consent from the landowner approving the commercial cannabis activity that will take place on the property.

90-Day Grace Period Given to Temporary Marijuana License Holders

As previously stated, through the 90-day grace period, California regulators hope that licensees will better comply with marijuana business regulations. There have not been any annual permits issued yet.

There were approximately 600 temporary licenses that were meant to conclude on May 1, with many others set to expire in June. This new grace period will allow businesses to get their paperwork in order and properly follow regulations.

It is important to note that companies still are required to submit their full annual permit applications before the expiration date of their temporary marijuana licenses. If a business fails to do so, they will not be allowed to operate until the proper paperwork is completed.

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